The main activity of the company is the production of high quality ceramic bricks, corresponding all European technical norms and standards.

For this purpose, „TAIFUN BG Ltd.” signed a contract with one of the leading European concerns - "Consultek" Italy, which common designed and built a highly automated and ecological factory in Lovets, where all processes are involved: clay production, ceramic brick production , product certification, trade and technical consultations. The automated production line enables the production of high quality products at the lowest possible prices, in compliance with the standards for energy efficiency, environmental protection together with healthy and safe working conditions.

TAIFUN BG Ltd ”has been developing its activities for many years, with a well-established marketing strategy based on the rich experience, which is constantly demonstrating its effectiveness.

Thanks to good management and logistics, the company not only manages to maintain its positions on the market but also develops constantly new ones.

The company relies on the high professionalism of its long-standing staff, the propriety in customer relationships and the continuous introduction of innovative solutions in manufacturing, to increase automation in the production process.

The well developed investment and advertising policy of the company is also important.

Its main purpose is to satisfy the highest demands of customers and to provide them with up-to-date technical solutions aimed at the future, while offering them the perfect "price / quality" ratio for each product.